As a Screenwriter

I specialize in Thrillers. Bringing you stories that will keep you on the edge.

I find my happy place when I write. It's my escape where I can be whoever I want. I love creating different worlds; venture out on different adventures, be the villain, be the hero, be the outsider looking in.

Some years back I asked a top Hollywood Producer what advice he could give me, and his reply was simple:

                                           "Write Every Day!".
I'm not going to lie. It took me some time to get around to getting that routine set, to get to that point where if I don't write - something is missing. What I write in a day may be everything from just a small scene, to writing for hours and hours.

But I write. Every. Damn. Day! It has also been the one piece of advice I keep giving to others.


My IMDB Profile

I've always loved stories and story-telling. Every book I read, I would completely immerse myself into that world. Every movie I saw, I became one of the characters.

Growing up, stories were a big part of my life - and it still is.

I love all forms of storytelling - books, photography, films. The influence on everyone is powerful.


My first love of storytelling was photography. And I still take a lot of photos.

IIt was only later in life that I would find my true passion; writing. And more specific - screenwriting.


II want to bring my own voice and my own stories to everyone, with bits and pieces of my culture. I love for the audience to dive deep into the world I have created.


The symbol on my page is an old Icelandic symbol called Vegvisur. It will guide you and keep you on the right path. 
The magical meaning is "Don't get lost on the way, Don't get lost in life".


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