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2021 Hané Saga complete

Hané Saga successfully completed the 2021 Filmmakers Conference. With amazing speakers from Disney, Netflix, MPA, and TIP/WME, Panels about the Future of storytelling and streamers, Motherland:Fort Salem panel - our in-person and online audience had a treat. For our VIPs and Speakers, we also had some good food, networking, and activities that sparked conversations and creativity. Our first ever award was awarded to Showrunner and creator of Motherland: Fort Salem - Eliot Laurence.

Go to to see our archived info about speakers and programs, and stay in the loop for 2022 Hané Saga!




So proud to have Roadmap Writers as one of our sponsors. For anyone who buys a ticket during our flash sale will be in the running for one of 5 Pitch Sessions from Roadmap Writers. Go to our website to get your ticket now!



Script Summit 2020


My Thriller-SciFi "Death Mountain" is an Official Selection of the 2020 Script Summit Screencompetition.

"Solstice" - a thriller I co-wrote with Michelle Nicholas-Wright also made the Official Selection 2020.



Safe Set Certificate


Like so many during this pandemic, I want to make sure that everyone is safe and follows the guidelines that are set. 
So I completed the Safe Set training.



2020 Kanab International Film Fest

For the 2020 Kanab Film Fest, I had the honor of being one of the speakers.


For the 2021 Kanab International Film Fest, I have taken on the role of Scriptwriting Contest Coordinator. Submissions will open on October 1st, 2020. I am excited to read a wonderful script, and hopefully, we'll see you at the festival!


A TV pilot I wrote won Best Character at Script Summit Screenplay competition in Las Vegas 2019.



MISPLACED; a thriller I co-wrote with Michelle Nicholas-Wright placed as a Finalist in the Thriller category at the Script Summit Screenplay competition in Las Vegas 2019.



Script by Sebastian Smith, and that I am a co-writer on has a producer and director attached, and we are now in pre-production.


2018; THE LOST SON / Thriller

My script "The Lost Son" which is a Thriller with a SciFi undertone was optioned by producer Peter Engert.
We are currently in development.



2017 Little Hollywood Shootout 
3.rd place  "The Feather" (short)

Writer: Heidi Stangeland

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