Need a writer to complete your project - contact me, and based on your project and needs - we will be able to set a price.

What you will get:

A thorough walkthrough of your notes, script, and idea. Together we will set the timeframe and steps. As a writer, it is important for to find the right voice for your project and make sure that the audience/readers will connect emotionally. What you will get is accountability, on-time deliveries, and high-quality writing.



Hire me as your coach to help you get your script ready. If it is in the beginning stages, or if you found yourself stuck in the middle - I will help you and give you the tools you need to keep moving and elevate your script.


What you will get:

We will have a weekly 20-minute zoom call - 1st starts one week after the script has been received. 

Mantras/techniques to get you in the right mindset, and out of any moment that you feel stuck.
Script notes - and we will go through areas that need improvement - from this, you will get assignments that need to be completed.

You will also receive the book "The Motivation  Manifesto" along with three (3) crystals that will work towards your goal.


Option 1: 4 weeks $699

Option 2: Subscription-based, 1st month is $249 - then the following months it is $149. Minimum of 4 months - after that you can cancel at any time.


Feedback on your script (Feature or TV): $35.
Constructive feedback, highlighting areas of improvement and suggested solutions. The purpose of the feedback is to elevate your script/take it to the next level. Note: this is NOT coverage.


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4 week Coaching
699.00 USD

4 week coaching. Weekly 20-minute calls.

Coaching Subscription
249.00 USD

Coaching per month. 4 months minimum - the first month is $249, then $149 until you cancel.

Script Feedback
35.00 USD

Get constructive feedback to elevate your script. Note - this is NOT coverage.

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