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"It took me a year before finally reaching out to Heidi about my film. I then spent the next week wondering why the hell I ever waited so long. Whether your script needs a sledgehammer or a scalpel, Heidi's tools are sharp, quick, purpose made and handled with mastery. If you've hit a wall, Heidi will find the door."

Colin Cunningham - Actor/Producer/Writer



"Heidi is everything we wish for in a screenwriter, she does the necessary research, writes the script, and able to think like a producer... now that is something you usually don't get. She understands that there are necessary changes and needs to get the project going and she does those without sacrificing the overall message of the screenplay."

                                                                                                                                                          Peter Engert - Producer/Director



"Heidi has the ability to pull you into the world of her screenplay within the first page of reading it. Every time we agree on an exchange I get excited - because I know I'll be reading an excellently crafted story. Her characters will jump from the page. I'll experience nail-biting suspense and the mysteries will be enough to drive my brain into a knot as I'll try to figure it all out. Gripping and extravagantly entertaining. Heidi is surely one of my go-to story experts when I need some valuable feedback on my written work I'd recommend Heidi to any team who wants to create captivating stories, write witty dialogue, design intriguing characters and ultimately craft an entertaining and sellable concept."

Ferdinand W Gernandt, Producer - Director - Screenwriter



"Working with Heidi is a great experience. She can brainstorm on the spot and she comes up with unique and exciting different scenarios that elevate the story. She brings her own unique and different perspective while staying true to the vision and concept being developed. She is enthusiastic and passionate about her craft. I highly recommend working with Heidi on any project - you won't regret it!"

                                                                                                                                CJ Knapp, Award-winning and optioned screenwriter



"As a writer, I find Heidi's voice to be unique and strong - using her native Norwegian background to influence her stories. I have worked with Heidi on a project, and find her work-ethic strong and she delivers fast."

 George Paige, Producer



"Heidi is fantastic! I had the distinct privilege of working with her as my team leader at the ScreenwritingU Career Launch 2.0 in January 2020. A skilled teacher and mentor, Heidi was able to connect with my writing and make insightful observations that elevated my work and my approach to the craft. I truly appreciate Heidi's continued counsel as a talented writer and a valued colleague. I highly recommend her skills and approach."   

                                                                                                                                                                 Scott Gehrs, WGA Screenwriter



"Heidi Stangeland's dedication to the craft has led her to a deep understanding of character and what it takes to weave a compelling story around them. Her unique voice as a writer grabs  a reader and refuses to let go until the final page."

Geoffrey D Calhoun, Best Selling Author of "The Guide for Every Screenwriter"



" Heidi is a tremendous talent. I've had the privilege of exchanging scripts with Heidi and gained invaluable insight from the creative solutions and constructive notes she provides. There is a unique quality to her vision, coupled with a refreshing perspective of a story that I always look forward to when exchanging scripts. I value Heidi as a colleague and highly recommend her undeniable skill as a screenwriter."


                                                                                                                                Christopher Dalby, SAG-AFTRA Actor - Screenwriter



"Heidi Stangeland possesses a keen eye for the mechanics and substance of creative writing. She knows what works and what doesn't. Moreover, she's not afraid to lay it out and tell you. If you are searching for a teacher and coaching mentor, Heidi is my best recommendation. She cuts to the quick with insightful, concise feedback that allows you to expand the depth and purpose of your own words. Heidi is the perfect guide. She doesn't rewrite, she imparts the skills and confidence necessary for you to develop into your best writer."

Dawn Crouch, Author of "Against the Wind".


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